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Meditate Now? Even If I’m NOT In The Mood?

How To Feel, Let Go, Make Peace With Yourself

pockett dessert
3 min readSep 11, 2022

Five seconds into meditation, restlessness tempts me to bail. I don’t feel like meditating. When my thoughts tug my attention everywhere else, why do I stay here?

It matters.
This is time reserved
to make peace with me, myself, and I.

When I stay here
I keep my daily promise
show up for myself.

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BEEP! BEEP!! BEEP!!!! On cue, a noisy construction truck crashes into my solo meditation party in the garden.

My thoughts fixate on this damn truck. It better not be here for the entire ten minutes.

I turn up the volume to hear the meditation prompts. It’s hard to settle and relax within the competing noises of life.

Kids walk by on the way to school. A neighbour opens their patio door — the morning chaos of toys dropping, toddlers running, banging and crying disturbs my peace.

My body, tense—closes.

Whatever is here, everything is welcome
all thoughts, feelings, and sensations
no need to change anything…

I catch myself trying to control the outside world.

With a long exhalation, I release my frustration with a deep exhale.

morning meditation sunlight through purple clematis vine and trees | nature photography | © pockett dessert
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what if I accept all that is happening right now,
even if I don't like it?

each time I return to my breath
I practice letting go of expectations
—my need to control



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