© pockett-dessert, snowfall, 2021.

Embracing Winter’s First Snowfall of The Season

The first snowfall is not only an event,
it is a magical event.
You go to bed in one kind of world
and wake up in another quite different.
—J.B. Priestley

Hello, winter is here! With my camera in hand, I step out into freshly fallen snow on a glittery…

© pockett dessert, dancing in flowerpots, bay of fundy.

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “3”

Dance, watch, marvel amongst three flowerpots.

You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of your life
Ooh, see that girl
Watch that scene
Digging the dancing queen

Ooh, see that girl? That’s me, having the best time dancing on the ocean floor. …

© pockett dessert, inner peace, 2021.

Writing Prompt: Have You Seen Signs From The Universe

Pivotal is the minute caught between life and death. Without warning, my ending intersects my child’s beginning in the maternity ward.

A sixty-second countdown is all I am given before life bleeds out.

One minute can change everything.


A radical shift in awareness heightens déjà vu. Inner knowing recognizes death…

© pockett-dessert, love, hope, true self, 2021.

Soul Growth, Being Real, Finding True Self

do you love yourself — e-n-o-u-g-h
to reveal your authentic self,
follow pure love
commit, grow your purpose?

do you trust yourself — e-n-o-u-g-h
to be love, feel loved
or does fear overshadow being real?
does the opinion of others
leave you unworthy

do you ever fear losing the…

© pockett-dessert, fisheye view, 2017.

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “3”

See three waves? Sky, water, sand.

How do fish see us from underwater?
Look through your front door or hotel door viewer — eyehole, peephole, spyhole. Straight lines curve and images warp in a circular effect to create a fisheye view.

In 1957, Nikon sold their first fisheye lens for $27,000 (US$). In 2017, my kids…

© pockett-dessert, follow the light, 2016.

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “3”

Light a path for each other.

When you write from the heart,
you not only light
the dark path of your readers,
you light
your own way as well.
— Marjorie Holmes, Author

Three lights illuminate a path, enhancing my foggy Autumn morning experience of forest bathing. Also known as forest therapy, this Japanese mindful practice…

© pockett-dessert, distance healing, 2021.

Text Hope, Spread Awareness of The Struggle

Trigger Warning: Suicidal Thoughts

My anxiety spikes — what is going on? Fifteen minutes into deep breathing outdoors, a text explains why.

There is an urgent message from my friend Gillian—1,113 miles away from me assisting a sexual abuse survivor in crisis, 6,800 miles away from her.

You know what…

© pockett-dessert, three trees

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “3”

A tree is a wise teacher.

Three majestic white birch trees offer life advice. From tiny seeds they sprout, side-by-side, grow tall, branch out, and follow the light to reach their full potential.

Trees teach resilience and perseverance through seasonal changes, weather storms, and learn to let go. …

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